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May 2020

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Hello Dallyce,

While we keep ourselves busy and amused, we now count the hours until we can have a quarantini, or fret about our Coronaspeck, the body fat brought on by all the sedentary snacking. All the while we wonder if it is ‘Jeudredi’, a mixture of Thursday & Friday in French, blissfully almost the end of the week, and a great excuse to open a bottle of rose for today’s locktail.

Take a break from doom-scrolling in your news feed and enjoy a distraction with our May edition. Stay healthy at home, please.




This natural phenomenon will be only seen on one day, over a range of only 100kms wide, the epicentre in Argentine Patagonia. Private, remote and utterly unique, this experience is the antidote to lockdown fever. The 1-minute video will get your heart pumping.

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Not often you get invited to a webinar and you are asked to keep your eyes closed. These recorded, 20-minute sessions are a perfect introduction to mindfulness techniques, and a gentle reminder of the state of bliss explora travellers experience in Chile & Peru. Enjoy on your own schedule.





Witnessing wildlife taking over the city streets has been a treat in this lockdown. Finding a very rare Indian Civet crossing the road in Kerala, India is a whole other matter. The animal was considered by many, to be extinct. Expertise provided by Varun Mather ‘Head of the Jungle’, Jungle Sutra, India’s wildlife experts.

Watch the video here.


Have we seen the end of the glossy inflight magazine? Seat pockets can be a harbour of germs. The cost of sanitizing each magazine copy is prohibitive. According to research by Boeing, removing the weight of print newspapers and magazines equates to an annual savings of over US$4.5 million. More important, less jet fuel consumption means 200 tons less CO2 a year.

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Dezeen Magazine has unlocked five handle hacks for hands-free door opening in this new world.

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‘Borrow money from pessimists -- they don't expect it back.’
Stephen Wright, comic scientist

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